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Full Service Supplier

Plastics Molding Company utilizes 8 quality personnel, 4 CMMs and other equipment to meet our customer requirements and bring them the best possible injection molded plastic parts. Plastics Molding Company is ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified.

Plastics Molding Company is a subsidiary of Bachman Machine Company. Together both companies can provide a wide range of capabilities and expertise in plastic injection molding, production metal stamping, tool and die design and manufacturing, and production machining. Please click on the images to go to their respective websites


Plastic Injection Molding


Production Metal Stamping


Tool and Dies


Production Machining


Equipment List

Secondary Operations



  • Thermal Hot Plate Welding

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Vibration welding


  • Machining

  • Assembly

  • Pad printing

  • Hot Stamping

Misc Cont.

  • Custom Packaging

  • Trim

  • Bar Coding

  • Solvent Bonding

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