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About Us



Plastics Molding Company (PMC) started as a partnership in 1942 and at the time primarily focused on thermo set molding. At its humble beginnings PMC operated in a renovated barbershop. Four years later in 1946, William N Bachman became the sole owner. During the early to mid 1970’s Plastics Molding Company was actually bigger than Bachman Machine Company, it’s parent company. Plastics Molding Company molded great quantities of AT&T’s relay gear. During the same time period PMC molded hot dog and doughnut makers which were a tremendous hit at the time. From the 1970’s on the company shifted it’s injection molding capabilities towards automotive work, acquired more manufacturing space, and purchased more equipment.

About Us

Plastics Molding Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bachman Machine Company.  PMC specializes in custom molding a wide variety of plastic parts for many fine OEM customers. Approximately 50 people are employed by Plastics Molding Company at its 25,000 sq. ft. facility, which is equipped for injection molding, compression, transfer, and in-line operations. With these capabilities, PMC provides the highest quality parts molded from thermoplastic materials.  Additionally Plastics Molding Company also has equipment for two material injection molding and robotic injection molding.  The philosophy of Plastics Molding Company reflects that of Bachman Machine Company, which is “total commitment to quality” while still maintaining competitive pricing. Please review the capabilities presented here and consult PMC to satisfy your custom molded parts needs.

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