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Full Service Supplier

PMC is able to meet all of your plastic and metal production needs because of its parent company Bachman Machine Company

Secondary Operations

Including metal inserts, pad printing, labeling, assembly, sorting, drilling, sonic welding, filter inserts, etc.


Plastics Molding Company has presses that range from 28 to 610 Tons molding capabilities. 


Plastics Molding Company (PMC) is an custom plastic injection molding company based in St. Louis Missouri. Plastics Molding Company's plant has extensive experience with injection molding operations and related secondary operations. We are also well equipped to handle other molding capabilities such as insert molding, two material molding, and robotic molding.

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Over the years we've worked with countless Tier one suppliers as well as smaller companies. Whether you have major project that requires million of parts annually or smaller projects that need only a few thousand parts per year, Plastics Molding Company is here to provide quality plastic injection molded parts on time and at a competitive price.

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